Sunday, 28 September 2014

Neusiedler See Road Trip

Sunny Sundays are perfect for a afternoon roadtrip. We have decided to go to Neusiedler See in

Austria, as it's just about 30 minutes from Bratislava. Quick trip on highway and we were there.

We had lazy morning with sleeping in, so we decided to munch on a lunch first before having some

fun at the lake. There are two restaurants, we decided to go for the waterfront one. After not so long

waiting for a table at this busy venue we were seated just at the water.

I have ordered a latte and got this massive soup sized bowl of coffee :-D.

For the lunch, we had houmus and falafel tapas and club sanwich. Typing this makes me hungry.

It was really nice food, with pleasant lake side atmosphere.

It was lovely to watch the boats on the horizon. The lake is quite wide and popular for sailing boats.

We took our new Supergas for a walk. I didn't like the dangling over the water but the photo is nice.

What would be a visit of a lake without some sailing? An electroboat ride for an hour was a perfect

opportunity to soak in the sun. I liked that these are eco friendly and not loud. Great idea!

We finished the boat trip with and ice-cream stop. Actually we had two stops, because they make

one of the best ice-creams I tasted  near where I live and we stopped there on the way back home.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

The grape picking

They say that the summer sun moves in the autumn into the wine barrels. It felt exactly like that 

during this years wine grapes picking.  It was a beautiful and considering its late September also a 

tropical day weather-wise. I had to change for lighter clothes four times when I decided to put 

swimmers on.

 We usually had the opposite problem as this time of year, when the grapes are ripe, it gets colder 

and you need to dress properly so you are not cold out there, picking the grapes in the early morning.

Wine picking is a tradition in my family, as is the wine making. My grandfather used to make wine

and now it is my father and cousins who picked up on the family tradition.

The grapes are grown in rows that stretch on the slopes of Small Carpathians hills. Picking the

grapes is always this big family operation. I remember this since my early childhood.

Getting up in the early morning, putting on gumboots and raincoats if it rained. Snatching the best

scissors for the grapes. :-)

It is lots of hard labour but even though I do not drink much wine, I still enjoy it. For the sake of the

family time spent together and for the tradition that I want to keep alive.



Saturday, 13 September 2014

Strangely beautiful

I have barely admitted that the summer is over. I came back from summer vacation only a week ago.

This rainy weather is just unacceptable. Dear outdoors, please don't resemble November just yet!

I might try to pretend that I accept that the Fall will come eventually .... soon. Can we have an Indian

Summer at least?

To me, ever since the school days, the symbol of Autumn are ripe apples and grapes.

I have found these rotten apples in the garden and I thought they are strangely beautiful.

No one really eats them fresh from the tree really, its the sour sort. They blossom in the Spring, turn

into tiny apples throughout summer.

Lots of them fall before getting ripe and then just fall of the tree to finish their journey. Circle of an

apple's life.

Well, at least the slugs like them and my chocolate lab thinks they balls to be played with. ( I dont

like it though as his stomach got upset once and he s not allowed to eat them. )

(P.S, What is with the Christmas pins at Pinterest? They started with Christmas trees in July I swear.

I love Christmas but it's way too soon!!! )

Hello Fall, once again!

Xxx Sonishka

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

My puppy - Chocolate Labrador

Meet my (probably most photographed in the world) Chocolate Labrador puppy . He has grown

from little ball of fur to 29 kg adult chocolate darling.

Our home was never the same ever since we got him. The garden is full of this tiny happy creature

that lives there now. He barks only sometimes, loves to pick mulberries and blackberries and is very

fond of soups. What can I say, he is one gourmet dog!

After every walk, he has a bath on his own and he is very demanding to be played fetch the ball

before we turn the lights off and he needs to go to bed.

This post is linked with In beauty and Chaos.

Little fur baby

His first toy

So dreamy

Tired after big walk

So snugly

His IKEA blankie

Playing hide and seek

Mums carnations are the best pillow

Hello handsome!


Fruit is yummy

Take me with you

Please play with me

Mmm whats this

Come out and play with me!

Monday, 18 August 2014

What we did today 27

Not so glorious summer so far. But looking on the bright side of things, how else would I be able to take

photos like these?

Raining through the rays of light. It's good for the garden, they say. :-)

Water pouring from the skies, but me and the Chocolate Darling didn't care. We kept playing fetch the ball.

He even jumped into the tiny pool as the storm went on and on.

But as it always happen, every storm must pass. So it did and we dried that chocolate furry coat soon after.

Xxx Sonishka