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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

I feel like summer has finally kicked in!

I could work from home today and finish two hours earlier. It felt like short vacation. Sad true story?

Big Hello to suntanning of my milky flesh! The Chocolate was happy to see me as well. He was even happier

after he got access to tiny water pool.

I ate my weight in watermelon. Ok maybe just one third. I read glossy magazines while listening to iPod.

Now im munching on vegemite toast (yes - breakfast for dinner and I love it) while downloading this

Diane Keaton's Book

The End

Xxx Sonishka

Saturday, 12 July 2014

In last few months I have noticed growing "Shibori efect" on display via blogs and Pinterest. I was intrigued

to try it myself. I have started by collecting how to's and ideas on my Pinterest Shibori Board.

With blue dye ready to use and old linen I spent afternoon having fun creating the patterns.

Here is a quick and easy DIY how to make Shibori at home.

Here is what you will need apart from the fabric dye. I have used blue dye as that was only one I had.

I have folded my linen - this has created even and mirror like pattern once I unfolded these.

With few stitches you can create interesting pattern. Make sure to use strong thread as you need to pull the

thread tight so the dye can't go through the stitched areas. Stitch and pull stitches and tie them properly. You

can create circles and lines. The more lines you stitch, the bigger the pattern afterwards.

For the circle pattern, I have simply used little pebbles from the garden and tied thread around them.

My dye' s instructions were to boil it on 40 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. I opted to leave the fabrics in for

a bit longer. Afterwards, I have rinsed the dyed linen few times. Then I let it soak for ca 15 minutes with 1

1/2 cup of vinegar diluted in the water.

The moment of truth - unwrapping my Shibori (with a little helper :-)

Tadaa! It worked.

Here is close up for the patterns:

Circle Shibori Pattern:

Stitched Shibori Pattern:

Stripes and lines Shibori Pattern:

I had lots of fun making these and cannot wait to try different patterns and colours.



Sunday, 25 May 2014

This whole afternoon adventure was very impromptu and unplanned when me and my sister got "stuck"

with cousin's two kids who didn't know what to do with themselves anymore. we played games and painted

but I felt like that we need to get out of the house. Indian adventure here we go!

It occurred to me that I still have some feathers left from the masquerade balls that I could use. With few

ribbons my aunt gave me for Easter, my Dothraki costumes from my Game of Thrones Birthday party

and ta-daaaa! The Indian costumes at no expenses were created.

We ran trough the fields looking for bisons, carefully of course so we dont step on rattle snakes!

We have  also hand made our bows from willow tree branches so we can practice arrow shooting.

(I have found DIY Feather Bows tutorial on Pinterest which shows exactly how I did the feathered bonnet.)



Tuesday, 13 May 2014

When life is filed with great moments that keep you busy time flies so fast. 

Between all the travelling on sunny and rainy days 

(both were enjoyable in different ways) 

to puppy time with my Chocolate Darling. 

From painting while watching Long Way Down and Round 

to some cant-wait-to-see-you-again boyfriend time. 

Exploring the places never been to and to the ones where the paths 

needed to be collected from distant memories. 

Having a new desk again to have a little space where the creativity and new ideas lurking 

in my head will hopefully transform into something full of potential.

Re-reading old copies of my favorite books I got from old book store, 

feels like welcoming back some old friends.

High Tatras, Slovakia

Monday, 21 April 2014

Hope you had a Happy Easter!

I definitely enjoyed the 4 days off work spent in sunshine, playing with puppy in the garden, running in fields,

eating a lot, painting and doing whatever I cant do during work week. :-)

Xxx Sonishka


Simple things Sunday hosted by simpleasthatblog.com

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Strong spring sunshine and bright colored spring flowers were just what I needed. After a couple of days in

bed with cold it is nice to feel re-energized. (I watched lots of Frasier and Long Way Round episodes and

drank litres of Ginger tea).

Stuck indoors and not allowed outside, I have ordered new canvases and paints - they got delivered on

Friday. I feel so full of inspiration and ideas! I can't wait to turn these into paintings.

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