Sunday, 1 March 2015

What we did today {31}

First day of March which is my birthday month. Our garden seems to be getting over the winter. It is quite muddy everywhere so I wear gumboots all the time when outside. Chocolate darling was quite happy to have me at home this weekend after busy last week at work when I didn't stay at home at all.

The sun was shining in the late morning. I have found tulip and daffodil bulbs awakening from winter sleep. Magnolia and cherry tree are preparing their flower buds to bloom soon.

Looking in the calendar, we have three weeks until Spring. I can feel it coming and I did some Spring cleaning last week already.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Snow sunset walk in the mountains

Snowy hills, fuzzy evergreen trees and skiing - that was our weekend in the Mountains in Northern Slovakia. I haven't used my skis in 2 years so I was quite glad that my muscle pain wasn't too bad to go for a walk.. 

Our accommodation was on top of the hill as high as where the TV and radio tower stand. Golden hour was a perfect time of the day to go for a walk. (I always feel like an astronaut when walking in the winter pants and jacket. I did have many Gravity flashbacks :-)

The path was easy to walk and the trees were snow frosted like in a fairy tale. The fog has lifted for a moment and you could see the valley below the mountains.

When we got to the other side of the hill, the sun was just starting to set. It was so beautiful to watch the snow covered country in the last golden light of the day. 

I loved the scenery and the white and quiet beauty of the nature sleeping under the snow. It was a beautiful walk, one to remember. (P.S. I am also glad we didn't get eaten by any bear!)

Friday, 20 February 2015

Weekend links {2}

I am thinking about buying a new Kinfolk Entrepreneurs Issue - I never read any copies and this one sounds interesting and inspiring to read. Do they sell these at the airport?

I so so love these flower faces. I have discovered talented sisters Brooke and Vicky  and their Sister Golden Shop via Instagram. This is the first thing I'm going to try when Spring comes in and everything is in bloom!


How fun is this instant moving picture app called phhhoto? If you are using Instagram you are going to love this app.

Speaking of cool handy gadgets I came accross this small pdfs convertor. (With this tool you can do tricks like jpg to pdf, excel to pdf, word to pdf, ppt to pdf and vice versa and you can also compress pdfs. You can also merge, split and unlock the pds. That is quite many pdf actions :-)

I am really interested in healthy and tasty eating and always look out for new blogs and cook books. I have a little collection of food blogs by now. If you plan to cook something nice for yourself or you are having friends over for dinner you might like my post about 6 FOOD BLOGS TO LOVE.

Happy Weekend to you :-)

Thursday, 19 February 2015

What we did today {30)

It is a dog's life. Poor chocolate has to spend all day lazing in the sun, snoozing, sleeping, playing and eating snacks.. Then he would get some cuddles from me, we play fetch the ball, then we cuddle more, then we play some more.

I go back to work inside, chocolate goes back to sleep basking in the sun on the stairs to the window door. He checks from time to time if I am still there and he gives me that I-adore-you look. Melts my heart.


 (I need to give him a spring brushing soon, his fur is so dirty. More snacks to come as he really hates to be brushed).

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

What's cooking goodlooking

I have been following few favorite food blogs for years and these never fail to inspire me everyday. By now I have a nice collection and I follow them on Instagram as well. The blogs that I am about to share focus on healthy AND delicious eating. You can learn useful tips about what to eat, recipes on how to prepare beautiful healthy dishes. What I love about these blogs are also their authentic and incredible photographs.


The first blog I fell in love with ages ago is cannelle vanille. I can't remember how I found it but I am glad I did. As a self taught food stylist and photographer, Aran has always charmed me with her beautiful photography and food styling. She was diagnosed with gluten intolerance and shares her fantastic recipes that minimized her disease symptoms. Go see her site for the images as I can't share these without a permission.


I have discovered this food blog just recently and fell in love immediately. It took me literally 10 minutes to buy newly released Ella's book. Her journey to how this book was born started when she was diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome. To heal herself, she has changed her diet completely. Ella has replaced any sugar in her recipes with natural sweet replacements like dates and her sweet potato brownies are a big hit.

LINK: sweet potato brownies 


This blog is about (yes-you-guessed-it) how to quit sugar for good. Sharing the recipes and meal plans to help you to stay away from sugar in every day life. To me this is one of a kind site. You can join their 8 week plan and educate yourself on nourishment.

LINK: eat-organic-on-40-bucks-or-less-a-week 


Another blog that shares their passion about health, nourishment and beautiful photography. In their cookbook The Vibrant Table you will find recipes that are vegetarian, raw and gluten free. I do not think that there is any other book with recipes for Swirled Acai Cheesecake, Pumpkin porridge or Squash blossom quiche.


If there is anything that I regret to not have had the opportunity to experience in Australia while I lived there for 6 years it is this restaurant. Two Aussie chefs use local produce and seasonal recipes. They are currently working on their cook book - between all the cooking and surfing at Bondi Beach. What I love about Bondi Harvest is the authenticity, new way of restaurant food styling and down to earth approach. I know where I am having my lunch in Bondi Junction next time I'm visiting. P.S. go check out their Instagram for everyday feed bondiharvest.

LINK: bondiharvest on Instagram 


My newest favorite food blogger that I have actually known first through TV is Annabel. I adore her philosophy of homegrown, home-cooked food. She also uses the local produce, tends to her garden and shares her love for cooking. I watched her cooking show yesterday where she prepared meals on top of a mountain in New Zealand. What I love about her is her knowledge about cooking and tending to the garden, passion for nurturing and the fact that she makes cooking to look effortless. What her blog, show and cookbooks have in common with previous the blogs is the simple and beautiful food styling and photography.

Bon Apetit!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Sometimes I forget about my achievements. Even though some were reached through many struggles. Graduating from Uni after I failed one of the major exams - I repeated the exams, passed it and got the degree. The jobs I wanted, have applied for and didn't get - I applied again for some other jobs and got them in the end. I made my dream come true - I went to live abroad on my own, 16,000 km away from home to a foreign country. The struggles to make it through, job hunting, never ending house hunting, the visa issues and complications for 3 years.

I did it all but I do not really think about it that often. Unless I want to achieve something new. Then I can remind myself that I can do this. Every time when I am in doubt if I can do something, I look back and call myself a silly silly goose because I know I can do things, I know I can rely on myself. 

Anxiety and fear of failure can be very powerful. When I struggle with these, I repeat to myself that I need to take small steps. Rome wasn't build in a day, right? The most important thing when trying to do something is to give yourself psychologically achievable goals

It is easy to go over board in planning when you want to learn something. Like when let's say you want to be fluent in Italian and you promise yourself that you will have a lesson a day. (The voice in your head is probably laughing from the start because deep deep deep inside you know that this is very unlikely to happen for you follow through.)

The hardest part is to start something. I once read Amelia Earhart's quote "The most effective way to do it, is to do it." From my own experience, that lady was right. I wanted to go live overseas, I went to see the agency that helped me to organize the move abroad. Once you start rolling that ball, you can make things happen. You just have to want to.

P.S. Do not forget to pat yourself on the shoulder from time to time. You deserve it.